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Moorview Care Appoints New Head of Operations

With a career in Social Care that is nearing 11 years, Sam Robinson has stepped into her new role as Head of Operations for Moorview Care.

Sam joined Moorview Care in January 2023 and quickly proved herself as an integral cog in the Moorview Care family. She provides support across our entire operations spanning Scarborough, Whitby, Bridlington and Hull.

Sam has worked for the past 10 years in Social Care in various management and compliance roles. Her experience and knowledge is specialised around Learning Disability and Autism. She is a qualified PBS coach and her knowledge, leadership and enthusiasm made her the perfect fit as our brand new Head of Operations.

"We're empowering people. That to me is why I do the job. We do have challenges but in spite of the challenges, we then get all of the good bits - which are our people." - Head of Operations, Sam Robinson

Sam reviews and monitors quality and compliance within the services to ensure we deliver a high quality service to our clients and work in line with regulations. Project work is another important part of Sam's role which includes work around Positive Behavioural Support, Policies and Procedures and Quality Assurance. 

Sam will soon be supported by Quality & Compliance Manager, Kate Danielkiewicz​ who begins her role in the New Year.

Find out about Sam's career journey and how she feels about working in Social Care:


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