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The Moorview Care Language Guide

Language Guide Launch

As an organisation, Moorview Care strive to ensure all our people feel included, equal and valued. Our People & Culture Team have been working hard behind the scenes creating a comprehensive Language Guide which has now been shared internally to ensure just this.

The Moorview Care Language Guide outlines our chosen language, highlighting inclusion and belonging. It promotes consistent use of appropriate chosen language across Moorview Care. It supports our team's written and spoken communication aligned to our chosen language, tone of voice and style whilst ensuring every person - both inside and outside of our organisation - is respected.

"Language helps us to understand each other and find common ground. How we connect, communicate and show empathy is fundamental to the high quality care we provide, and also to how we work together as one workforce." - Our Director of People & Culture, Stacey Carr

Why is a Language Guide important in Health & Social Care?

We feel that a Language Guide is an important document within any organisation - whether that be in the Care industry or not. It is a way to promote productive discussions about inclusivity, and therefore a more positive environment for our team and those we support. It allows us all to feel like we belong, we are valued and we are free to bring our whole selves to work.

Moorview Care's Language Guide cover

At Moorview Care, we have our Champions scheme. These groups of people champion certain causes and lead the way in highlighting, raising awareness and educating others across Moorview Care and beyond. They challenge industry topics and get involved in business decisions in order to ensure best practice. Moorview Care’s EDI & Dignity Champions read, reviewed and endorsed the Language Guide prior to its release and along with the People & Culture Team, were a driving force behind it.

The internal guide covers a vast range of topics including: Moorview Care's Tone of Voice, Inclusive Language, Race, Ethnicity, Heritage and Nationality and so much more. It is an invaluable document to ensure Moorview Care remains a highly sought after inclusive, respectful employer and care provider.

To those within Moorview Care, you are encouraged to read the Language Guide and familiarise yourself with the guidance within. It also details what to do if you use the wrong language. We're human and mistakes happen, but with this guide, all of Moorview Care can all align our language and terminology to provide a safe, inclusive environment for our team and those we support.


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