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Bossing Life with a SCI: Tiff's Book Launch!

Tiffany's book Bossing Life With A SCI is out now

Tiffany finally fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author in late 2023. Her book, Bossing Life With A SCI was four years in the making and is now available to buy.

Those who know Tiffany would describe her as hardworking, tenacious and resilient. In fact, when we asked some of our team to describe Tiff, we had an influx of overwhelmingly lovely descriptions, stories and compliments - it was very hard to only pick just one! Tiffany's book tells the story of her triumphs and tribulations through a decade of paralysis and living life with a CSI. Her story is truly inspiring and one which needs to be spread far and wide. Our Moorview Care family has always known what a phenomenally strong individual Tiffany is and were so thrilled that she has decided to share her story with the world.

"I have known Tiffany for over 9 years. She is truly an inspiration to all, opportunities don't just happen - Tiffany creates them and makes them happen! She never lets life get her down." - Director of Operations at Moorview Care, Nicki Dixon

In Bossing Life With A SCI - which was published in November 2023 - Tiff recounts her inspiring story which turned hers and her families lives upside down.

The start of Tiff’s life was anything but normal. She's had a rough ride from the get go after a life threatening diagnosis of Meningitus in the first few months of her life. 18 years on, Tiffany was living life as every teenager should, enjoying spending time with her family and friends. She was a happy-go-lucky woman who was soaking up all that life had to offer an 18-year-old girl until yet another life changing diagnosis shook her life once more. After different investigations and then surgery, Tiffany was paralysed. Nothing could prevent her from paralysis. She woke up one morning and her life had changed forever. She woke up one morning and realised that she was paralysed!

Nicki continues: "She is led by the dreams in her heart, lives life to the fullest and focuses on the positives. It's been an absolute pleasure to watch Tiffany flourish into the inspiring woman she is today and I cannot wait to read her book."

As all those at Moorview Care who know Tiffany can attest, she is an incredibly strong, empowered woman who certainly hasn't gone down without a fight. A decade of paralysis has of course come with a cost. She had endured pain, heartache, gut wrenching hard times but the most important take away from this article and the entire book? Tiffany has shown paralysis who’s boss.

Bossing Life With A SCI is her story. It's Tiff's time to yet again show her diagnosis, to show her paralysis who's boss. She's overcome the dark times that could and would have easily destroyed someone else. We're so grateful to Tiff for sharing her story with the world. You can order a copy of Tiffany's book on Amazon today.


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