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Richard's Day of Fun at the Fair

When Hull fair comes to town each year, the city comes alive and the people of Hull come out in droves to enjoy all the fair has to offer. For Richard, the fair was everything he had hoped for and more.

Hull Fair on Walton Street has frequented Hull for over 100 years and is home to rides of every description, suitable for young and the not-so-young as well! It has a wide range of food vendors offering all sorts of goodies such as candy floss, brandy snaps, hotdogs, burgers and fish and chips to mention a few.

Richard, who often prefers quieter environments, headed down to the fair last time it was in town with Robin & Jodie and to the amazement of everyone, including Richard himself, he had the time of his life!

"Richard's Mother was amazed when she saw the photos. She said he didn't used to do too well in big crowds with lots of noise so she was over the moon to see he had enjoyed his day at the fair." - Robin, Team Leader in Hull

Richard navigated the walkways and uneven surfaces with ease when supported by the Moorview Care team, and all with his cuppa in hand! He did not get upset or agitated with the number of people present - which surpassed 600,000 people over the 8 days - and the conflicting sounds from the various rides and loud noises didn't phase him either.

Big crowds can be triggering to some people - including those with a learning disability, but at the fair, Richard was having such an amazing time, he - with the help of his Support Workers - was able to channel his behaviour and his actions into positivity which resulted in an incredible, enjoyable day out for all. They spent over 2 hours in the hustle and bustle of Hull fair, with Richard sailing through it all and taking it all in his stride.

This trip came after a slightly overwhelming attempt at the fair the previous year where Richard was too overstimulated to stay for more than a coffee. What an incredible achievement at the same event, the very next time the fair was in town. With the right support, the right preparation and a friendly team full of positivity and smiles, anything is possible on a Moorview Care day out.


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