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Birmingham City vs Hull City

Up the Tigers! Up the Tigers! Up the Tigers! Three words which you can often hear coming from Ryan's mouth. 

As an avid Hull City fan, Ryan simply couldn't wait to tick another away ground off his list when he travelled to Birmingham for the Birmingham City vs. Hull City game. Accompanied by Stuart, the pair couldn't contain their excitement as they entered St Andrew's stadium that Wednesday afternoon where they witnessed what some may describe as true greatness as they watched Hull come away with the win after scoring 2 goals against Birmingham City.

"Come on City…. You Ullllll!" - Ryan, supported by Moorview Care in Bridlington

The day started in Bridlington for the football mad pair where they started their road trip down to Birmingham. Ryan was in charge of the music on their 3-hour car journey and he took his job very seriously. Getting ready for an away football game is no joke and Ryan did a spectacular job at getting the duo in the mood with his stellar playlist!

After a few stops and a McDonald's to fill them up before the game, Ryan and Stuart found their seats nice and early and were ready for an action-packed game between the Tigers and the Blues. Proudly wearing his Hull City shirt, Ryan couldn't contain his excitement when after just 12 minutes, Delap scored to give the Tiger's an early lead.

With just 16 minutes remaining, Philogene curled in a fantastic second goal against Wayne Rooney's Birmingham City and the crowd - Ryan and Stuart very much included - went wild! This game marked the 5th away game that Stuart and Ryan had attended that season alone and lets not even talk about home games! There has to be a very good reason as to why Ryan doesn't go to a home game and he's barely missed any in recent times - talk about dedication.

It's safe to say, Ryan and Stuart love football and they adore Hull City (no matter what Spurs fan, Stuart might say - I'm pretty sure he loves Hull almost as much as he loves Spurs).


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