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Fun, food and friends in Hull for our team!

A night out is something we'd discussed for a while as a team but we had never really got the ball rolling on it. We're a close knit team in Hull and really enjoy each other's company - both in and out of work - so all getting together in our own time was something we had all wanted to do. Jodie and Faye kicked it all off and created a WhatsApp group to discuss our grand plans, for our long-awaited night out.

We found a date that worked for the majority and with the help of Renee, I thought of somewhere where we could meet to have something to eat before we went on elsewhere. 

It was so nice for us as a team to be able to let our hair down and get to know the real people that we work with each day. We had a lovely time chatting and sharing interests and stories outside of the working environment. It broke down barriers between team members and we could really focus on each other and developing our relationships which in turn, will only strengthen our bond as a team when in service and at work for Moorview Care. There were no Team Leaders or Support Workers sat around that table, we were a group of friends enjoying each other's company.

The night was especially useful for those of us who have arrived from other countries. Those who may not know many other people outside of work - this was invaluable. Together as a group of friends, we had drinks, food and a few of us even embarrassed ourselves with a spot of karaoke before we all of course had a dance off.

"It's beautiful how total strangers can become family. And share fun, love and support." - Zainab, Support Worker in Hull

Zainab really summed it up best. That s really how it felt. Not like a works night out but just a family sharing good times together. We've already got plans in place for it to become a semi-regular thing and I can't wait to get to know these incredible people more. We're a team both in work and outside of work but when we're in service, those we support are our priority so it was a nice change to prioritise each other, relax and focus on getting to know one another more. Supporting our people is what we're good at, what we love and what brought us all together.


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