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Complex Care

What is complex care? 

Clients receiving complex care have substantial and ongoing healthcare needs, and require around-the-clock support to ensure their continued care is upkept. This can be the result of chronic illness, disabilities, injuries or following hospital treatment. 


What is complex care at Moorview? 

Several of our services are complex care, therefore it is vital that we have the right team to support our clients who require a little more care. We ensure that all of the team working with our complex care clients are fully trained in all behaviours and scenarios, and provide ongoing support for our services in these areas. 


We ensure that all of our complex care services have a team who are: 

  • PERSON-CENTERED: beginning with the client themselves, understanding their strengths and goals, and ensuring there is a clear structure to ensure their daily lives and goals are achieved.

  • TEAM-BASED: we deliver our care through trained teams of medical, behavioural health and social service providers. 

  • FULLY TRAINED: we provide full mandatory training which includes first aid, safeguarding, challenging behaviour and autism awareness. We also provide full training on medication to ensure the health and wellbeing of our clients around their medication needs to whatever level this may be. 

  • WELL-BEING FOCUSED: we deliver a wealth of various activities. These can be anything from horse riding, swimming, pictures and fishing. 

  • LEARNING DEVELOPED: we support all of our clients with either support within a classroom or home-based learning to help assist with their development and independence. 

  • INDEPENDENCE-DRIVEN: we know the right amount of care to deliver to each client to enable them to be as independent as possible in their day-to-day living and prompt them to learn more about their independence.

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