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Are you ready to join an Outstanding team?

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Could you see yourself making a positive difference to someone's life everyday?

Current Roles

A day in the life of a Support Worker...

James wanted to go to the Cinema. Today I supported him to choose a film he wanted to see, look at this finances so he could check that he could afford it and then we planned the trip together. Before we left we made sure James had completed his personal care routine, he had eaten a healthy meal and taken his medication for the day. We had a great time at the cinema and when we got back I completed some daily notes to record James' activity, food and mood.

Does this sound like something you could do?

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Current Roles

Don't just have a job,

have an amazing career...

Support Worker

Would you be proud of yourself knowing you made a positive difference in someone's life every day?

As a Support Worker you will be given all the training you need in order to succeed and excel at supporting people to live the life they want. We have extensive training and development progammes and you don't need to have worked in the care sector before.

There are lots of opportunities to progress within the company, so joining the Moorview Care team could see you achieve your dreams while helping others achieve theirs.

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Shared Success

Moorview Care aim to have a low turnover of staff to provide continuity to the people who use our services. We try to do this by incentivising our team with rewards and good rates of pay.


Our staff are our most important asset and we are passionate about people having a career not just a job. We actively support our team to grow and progress. As you progress, bonus schemes and company cars can become part of your success package.


Being part of our team can be challenging but rewarding. Join us to make a positive difference to someone's  life, every day.

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We are a family run company who care as much about our employees as we do about the people that we support.


Our view is that as someone who works in the care sector, you spend your working life caring for others, so the least we can do is take care of you.

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